Nisshoku's Premium Pure Oats Bran 340g

Nisshoku's 日食プレミアム ピュアオーツブラン 340g

Oat bran: the outer parts of oat grains crushed, serving a creamy and rich texture

Oat bran is the outer layer of oat grain, and it is rich beta glucan, a kind of soluble fiber. Low in carbs and high in iron, vitamin b1, both soluble and insoluble fibers, oat bran is a nutritious cereal. Our oat bran is heat-treated at our factory located in Hokkaido. Our method allows the product to be a tasty cereal that is suitable for everyone.

By cooking porridge with oat bran, you can enjoy the best of its texture. Not only is it easy to your diet as your staple food, it can also serve as ingredient in cooking and baking.

Oats (Non-GMO,100% whole grain)

Raw materials imported from Finland, Australia, Canada and USA.Manufactured and packaged in Hokkaido, Japan.

Ready-to-eat Oatmeal
This product is already heat-treated and can be eaten with or without cooking.

Nutritional Facts per 30g
Calories kcal 114
Protein g 4.0
Fat g 3.5
Sugar g 14.34
Fiber g 4.47
Carbohydrates g 18.81
Salt g 0.0
Calcium mg 20
Iron mg 1.4
Vitamine E mg 0.2
Vitamine B1 mg 0.19
Vitamine B6 mg 0.06
Soluble dietary fiber mg 1.96
Insoluble dietary fiber mg 2.51
Fermentable dietary fiber (β-glucan) mg 1.6

Allergy Advice
Oats may be transported, stored, or treated in same facilities as wheat, soy and/or other grains. However, our manufacturing facility in Japan is dedicated to oats.

Our products measures radioactivities per lot and guarantees that the product does not contain more than 50msv per kilogram (the specification specified by the Japanese government for processed food for infant).