Premium Pure Oats Traditional 340g


Oats (Non-GMO,100% whole grain)

Adjusted for Japanese taste. Following traditional method, this oatmeal is steamed, and rolled to make thick flakes. Traditional Oatmeal can be use as alterative of cooked rice for daily consumption. 100% pure oats without preservative, additives and colorings. Naturally rich in fibers, iron, vitamin B1 and protein. Comes in re-sealable bag with zipper.

Raw materials imported from Finland, Australia, Canada and USA. Manufactured and packaged in Hokkaido, Japan

Ready-to-eat Oatmeal
This product is already heat-treated and can be eaten with or without cooking.

Nutritional Facts per 30g
Calories kcal 112
Protein g 3.1
Fat g 2.5
Sugar g 18.00
Fiber g 2.88
Carbohydrates g 20.88
Salt g 0.0
Iron mg 1.4

Allergy Advice
Oats may be transported, stored, or treated in same facilities as wheat, soy and/or other grains. However, our manufacturing facility in Japan is dedicated to oats.

Our products measures radioactivities per lot and guarantees that the product does not contain more than 50msv per kilogram (the specification specified by the Japanese government for processed food for infant).